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Aquarium Manufacturing is an engineering skill which is under estimated. We don't have a British Standard for this type of manufacturing which is surprising as failure of an aquarium can be catastrophic let alone the damaged caused by the water but also possible personal injury from the glass.

There is a European standard DIN 32622 which you will find that some aquarium manufacturers follow. This site is not designed to recommend a bespoke aquarium manufacturer to you but will hopefully help you choose one that will produce a suitable product.

Anyone can setup a business and call themselves aquarium manufacturers but there are certain rules that should be followed It's worth having a look at the following site as this will help you confirm suitability of the product you are buying. Aquarium Glass Expert

Other things to look out for are:

1. Is it a registered company? Check Details Here

2. Are they a member of The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF)? Check Here This will offer you protection, some points are:
a. Your deposit is protected ~ Deposit Indemnity Scheme
b. All companies are vetted
c. Members work to the GGF Code of Good Practice

3. Does any member of the company staff have an engineering qualification. How can they design your aquarium without this skill?

4. What type of glass do they use? Not all glass has the same strength Pilkington's glass is one of the best.

5. Do they produce their aquariums to any standard? If not how can they clarify suitability of their product.

6. Ask them what safety factor your aquarium will be built too. If should be at least 2 and above. If they work to DIN 32622 this is part of that standard.

7. What guarantee is offered? How is this protected if they cease trading? (GGF)

8. Is the aquarium delivered ready to use. Some companies deliver them still curing (wet) and ask you not to fill for two weeks. This is not good practice.

9. Ensure your aquarium is water tested by the manufacturer before delivery. Again if they work to DIN 32622 this will be the case.

10. How is the aquarium delivered? Is it kerbside delivery? In other words do you have to get it from the street into your home.
Points for you are:
1 Inform your insurance company that you have an aquarium. Some will not insure or cover damaged caused by a failed aquarium.

2. Ensure you install the aquarium as instructed. Take photo's and send them to the manufacturing company to confirm correct installation.
Get confirmation that all is correct as most failures are blamed on poor installation and not covered by the guarantee.
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